Why IT Hates The Cloud


Why Your IT Guy Hates the Cloud

Our Cloud Computing Cover Story for the March/April 2012 Issue

When we first began exploring the impact of the Cloud on IT departments, we thought we’d uncover a bunch of stories about IT managers in smaller companies pushing away the Cloud for job security. It makes sense right? If their job is to make sure mission critical servers are operational 24/7, why would they want to suggest moving those servers to another company’s data center? Especially when the vendor will be managing the up-time, but leaving your IT staff to be held accountable. It seems like career suicide. But then we started thinking about the role of IT over the last 50 years. As the use of IT in business has expanded, has the IT workforce ever been reduced? No way – and careers in information technology continue to boom. As recently as December 2011, Information Technology careers were the third most posted jobs on the Beyond.com Career Network. While the Cloud is likely to reduce capital expenditures, we’ll probably see an increase in IT personnel to enable businesses to take full advantage of its power and capabilities.

What are the reasons your IT guy hates the Cloud?

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